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If you've navigated to this page, you've likely already realized either that the quality and timeliness of your organization's documentation can be improved, or that your documentation team isn't as productive as it could be - and quite probably both!

Don't be surprised - that's how it is for most businesses.

About Me


"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." - Nobel physicist Niels Bohr.

Documentation processes are the very narrow field I'm an expert in - improving them is what I do - that's my expertise.

I don't claim to have made all the mistakes that can be made in my narrow field, but with more than 20 years of experience working in it, I have experienced enough mistakes to know the pitfalls on the path to both higher documentation productivity and better documentation quality. And I can help you chart a course that avoids those mistakes.

In most businesses there is always room for improvement in documentation - especially in fast-growing companies! Typically only approx. 20% of documentation time is spent on value-addition (content creation). Most time is spent on rework and handling documents - tasks that can either be reduced, or automated, or even outsourced.

I can clarify the issues your documentation team is facing and recommend measures you can take to improve both your team's working conditions and its productivity. Win-win.

I work on-site and have work permits for the EU and EEA countries, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I can also work remotely as your sparring partner via Teams/Zoom/whatever.

My qualifications? See here for more

I offer over 25 years of experience working on some of the largest documentation projects in Europe, with over 11 years as either a documentation line manager or documentation project manager.

During that time I have experienced enough mistakes and dead-ends to help steer your project around the many pitfalls along the way - resulting in reduced costs and a better chance of meeting your goals on time.

Some projects delivered:

  • Process analysis of design and development to ensure both on-time documentation to avoid delays in construction projects and compliance with EU Machinery Directive.
  • Development of multi-country reporting system (form, database, data visualizations) for COVID-19 pandemic response data (Excel, PowerBI, VBA, M, DAX).
  • Development of management tools Excel (VBA) and MS Project for influenza pandemic preparedness support.
  • Maintain and extend documentation for TESSy system, including disease meta data protocols, networking user guidelines.
  • Analysis of documentation requirements for heavy engineering (new wind turbine type) - plan and monitor production, ensure compliance with EU Machinery Directive, EU Declaration of Conformity etc.; requirements for technical libraries of 340+ manuals + 3D spare parts catalog.
  • Production management of 700+ documentation items (MS Project Server).
  • Analysis, rationalization and documentation of processes and procedures for QHSE in medical equipment, including US FDA compliance; compliance maintenance, logistics management and deadline control for 2000+ version-controlled documents in 26 languages.
  • Analysis, process-mapping and documentation of processes and procedures for SOX compliance of SAP roll-out (approx. 120 processes analyzed and documented).
  • LEAN analysis and management  process analysis and kaizens, etc.
  • SharePoint site design and implementation - especially document management.
  • Development of API, database and customization documentation for IBM banking system.
  • Implementation of outsourcing of documentation and translation (China and India).
  • Implementation of computer-aided translation for 26 languages.
  • Systems analysis for financial management system for Kuwait Ministry of Finance.

Improving documentation processes is what I do - my expertise.- contact me for an informal chat.

See my CV at LinkedIn here.


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My experience with a wide range of information management tools gives me both traction at a hands-on level and an understanding of how tools can be applied for process improvements.


SharePoint site development and administration - SharePoint Online, 2016 and 2010.

MS Project

MS Project

MS Project including Enterprise Project Management.

Used for project management of development work for 39+ team members in the four teams.

MS Excel

MS Excel

MS Excel super user - VBA (macros), Power Query, M


Power BI

Business intelligence visualizations, dashboard development. Power Query and DAX.

HTML / web development

Structured documentation XML & HTML

XML-based editing tools (FrameMaker, Flare). HTML editors.





My over 20 years’ experience in information and documentation management enables me to see the big picture – to rationalize processes and get buy-in for them.

MS Project superuser, Excel integration

  • Project management with 25 FTE
  • Line management with 12 FTE
  • MS Project 


20+ years managerial and hands-on experience

Expert in:

  • Process analysis, process improvement.
  • Business intelligence and process documentation. SOPs.
  • Documentation management, LEAN documentation, data visualization.
  • Documentation compliance, e.g. FDA part 11, EU Machinery Directive and EU Declaration of Conformity.
  • IT system documentation (technical writing).

Hands-on skills:

VBA, Excel super-user, PowerBI super-user, MS Office super-user, MS Project, SharePoint administrator, SAP DMS, and 30+ other tools, including CMS tools, Doc-To-Help, RoboHelp, computer-aided translation, Apache tools, MS Access, MySQL.

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